SigiDoc 1.0

developed by Alessio Sopracasa & Martina Filosa

SigiDoc 1.0 is the first stable version of an XML-based and TEI-compliant standard, largely based on the experience of EpiDoc, for the encoding of Byzantine seals. SigiDoc represents the first attempt to extend the digital approach - already applied to inscriptions, coins and papyri - to Byzantine seals: it allows the scholarly edition of the seals (as objects, texts, and images) and the valorisation of the data coming from them. The transformation of XML documents into a webpage, various indexing possibilities, a search interface as well as multi-lingual features are delivered to SigiDoc by EFES (EpiDoc Front-End Services).

Introductory and preparatory readings

SigiDoc's Components

All these components reached their 1.0 version, but they are supposed to evolve thanks to the contribution of several sigillographic projects based on SigiDoc.

Shared documentation

Being a collaborative project, SigiDoc shares the following documentation (and more to come) among its users, who should refer to it and collectively contribute to it.

Mandatory Readings

A test-corpus

In order to illustrate the encoding of Byzantine seals in SigiDoc and their publication through EFES, a test-corpus consisting of the digital enhancement of a paper publication is available here. The source code is available in a GitHub repository.

Next steps

This 1.0 version is just the first of a series of steps intended to improve and expand the standard. The following are some topics to be addressed in the next months (the order in which they are presented below does not necessarily reflect the order in which they will be considered):

Responsibility for this page

SigiDoc version: 1.0