SigiDoc Guidelines: Byzantine Seals in TEI-XML

SigiDoc is a standard for the enconding of Byzantine seals' editions in TEI-XML, largely based on the experience gained by EpiDoc for inscriptions and papyri. This means that becoming familiar with EpiDoc Guidelines is extremely important also when using SigiDoc. These SigiDoc Guidelines are mainly focused on four major topics: the SigiDoc XML template, the transcription of seals' legends, features such as apparatus criticus, commentary or bibliography, and the indexing of the data.

Consequently, this page groups together the links to all these main sections of the Guidelines:

List of Guidelines

From these topics the metadata of the seals (such as physical description, history, dating, etc.) are excluded, since they are not (at least for the moment) dealt with in detail in this SigiDoc Guidelines; however, important information can be found in the explanation of the SigiDoc template and, of course, in the EpiDoc Guidelines.

How to cite these Guidelines:

Alessio Sopracasa, Martina Filosa (2021), SigiDoc Guidelines: Byzantine Seals in TEI-XML (version 1). Available:

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